I am a web designer/developer/illustrator, currently working at Persistent. My official title is Project Lead but I am mostly a full stack front end developer.

Previously I have worked for one10 Marketing, MRM//McCann, Speedshape, Campbell-Ewald, and Macromedia as a creative developer.

I want to make sure that people have fun when they surf the web. I want to make sure that bad ideas get changed into positive ones before they cost money.
I want to make sure that you and I leave a safe, happy and growing planet for our children. And our children's children.
I want to make sure that we explore and understand the oceans as much as we target active unique consumers.
How do we do this as web people? Smart, interactive, intelligent and hopefully educational applications.
If I can find a job where I can make an entertaining, educational difference to the future of this planet, I would be rather happy.

Specialties: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Animate, Creative Ideation, Interactive design, website concepting and execution, logo design.

West Olive, MI

Case Study: 21 Squirrels
Grand Prize winner - Brew Your Own magazine 22nd annual label contest
21 Squirrels is the brand I created for my home brewery. The art of brewing uniquely combines science and creativity. For each beer that I brew I create a can label. Brew Your Own Magainze is one of the leading home brew publications in the world, and for the last 22 years they have held a Label Contest. I submitted a PR packet and one of my IPA labels was awared the Grand Prize in the 2017 Home Brew Label contest.
Case Study: Tireless Journey
3 Level Platform Game, in a banner
The Tireless Journey was a banner ad created for Chevrolet Certified Service. When the concept was first brought to me, it was a game, where the tire gradually wore out, until it was bald. And then it ended. Didn't sound like a lot of fun to me either, so I proposed the idea of a set of tires being transported to the Service center, when one of them gets separated. We follow the tire's journey to get back to the full set, so they can be installed on a vehicle.
Case Study: Clothed Eye
Book Featured - Internationally Sold
Clothed Eye is an brand of steampunk goggles and accessories. Another creative outlet, Clothed Eye gives me the opportunity to create tangible things from my imagination.
My goggles have sold internationally, and were featured in a coffee table book, The Art of Gothic.
Case Study: Kerri Walsh
Gold Medal Logo Design
Kerri Walsh is a 3 time Olympic Gold Medal winner. Her amazing success on the court inspired her to create a brand for herself to market to volley ball fans. My logo design was the winning choice, and was featured on officially licensed Wilson Sporting Goods produccts.