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Where it all started for me. Drawing as a kid with my brother on reams of used computer printer paper that my Dad brought home for us. I mostly do digital illustrations now, but still enjoy drawing by hand.

I had a difficult time trying to choose samples that were representative of my style as well as being somewhat marketable. I'm not sure these are my best, but they represent a decent range of what I can create

Fill in the Blanks - Beer Label

Grand Prize Winning Beer Label!

I brew beer, and as a designer decided to make labels for every beer I brewed. This one was entered in the Brew Your Own Magazine label contest and won grand prize. See all my beer labels at the link below.

Thumbnail of our Etsy store front

We have a sticker shop at Etsy - Clothed Eye

What began as a small side project to help make ends meet during COVID, has evolved into a fun, and amazing, side business. I create all of the designs from scratch, sometimes revising them dozens of times to ensure that they will cut successfully at the micro size we sell. We offer everything from mini MINIs, to pop culture, and more.
Clothed Eye Etsy Shop

Creature from the Black Lagoon Sticker Thumbnail Clothed Eye Etsy Shop Front Sticker Thumbnails
Design Detail from Threadless store front - 21 Squirrels

We also sell t-shirts and more on

While we don't do nearly the same volume of business as the stickers, this is a fun creative outlet for designs as well.

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman - personal

Available as a T-shirt!
DCA animated training content

Animated Engine Diagram for eLearning.

Camping Gear for eLearning

Camping Gear created for eLearning.

Adventure Guide for eLearning

Adventure Guide created for eLearning.

Digital Detroit Skyline for a banner ad

Detroit Skyline created for NAIAS Banner

Server Rack for eLearning course

Interactive Server Rack cable connection master for eLearning.
Users could drag the patch cables to make the connection.

Cat 5 Cable for eLearning

Ethernet Cable for eLearning.

Chevy Cavalier

Chevy Cavalier for NAIAS Banner Ad


I love making logos. The idea of trying to distill a brand's entire essence and purpose into a single mark is a fun challenge.
Below are a few of my favorites.

Kerri Walsh Volleyball Star Logo
Garden Getaway Landscaping Business Logo
Energy Logo
Budget Cuts Lawnservice Logo
Advanced Waste Services Logo
Four Door Lemon Logo
Grady Vet Hospital Logo
Handmade Digital Logo
Keel Financial Group Logo
21 Squirrels Brewery Logo
21 Squirrels Hop Farm Logo
Lucky Lemondade Logo
Michigan Association of Art Therapy Logo
Marcan Tiger Preserve Logo
Muller Tractors Logo
Squirrely Acres Logo
Stout's Plumbing Logo
Team Werewolf Dog Training Logo
Whitewall Candy Store Logo