Case Study: Wedding Planning

Weddings! The best day of your life, right? Timelines, external influences, and making sure everyone happy is a huge job.

I planned and created every asset for my wedding, from invites, centerpieces, to a custom photo booth.

When you both agree to have a fun wedding, vs what other people may want or expect, you would be amazed at how much more fun it is for everyone involed.

I meet my wife through a local car club (Michigan MINI Club, if you need to know) and our second date revealed we both liked the Steam Punk asthetic. When we started planning our wedding, it only made sense to create a steam punk theme. Guests were encouraged to dress for fun as well.

The designer in me saw this as an opportunity to create not just individual items, but a whole story and theme for our special day.

Engagement photo of Amy and Josh Engagement photo of Amy and Josh
Save the date cards, invitation, pamphlet, and thank you cards. details of the guest book pages
Alternate Guest Book design details of the guest book pages

Details, Details, Details

Every aspect of the design for our wedding was a fun challenge. Once I decided on the main fonts and design asthetic, all of the printed materials were created in the same theme. The invite has subtext "Say you were there!", handouts at the venue said "Now you are here!", the custom built photobooth on side gave guests the prompt, "Prove You Were Here!", and our thank you notes wrapped it up with "You Were There!".

Instead of a traditional guest book, we created cards with questions for the guests to answer. Some were thoughtful; "What life lessons would you share with the couple?", "What is the most romatic place you've been?" to silly; "What never fails to liven up the party?", "What should we bring back in time to convince people we are powerful wizards?" All carried the same thematic elements and design.

The Wedding Party

Centerpiece Design

Each table had it's own unique apothecary inspired centerpiece. We sought out antique or unique glass jars, then created custom labels for each one, and then filled each with items related to the label.

From "Crystalized Giant Squid Ink", to an "Almost Instant Bike in a Bottle", and even handy "Airship Sickness Pills."

It was great fun searching through our combined miscellaneous items and then designing labels for the good ones. Amy found a large, marble egg that someone had given her which became a "Fertalized Hippogriff Egg".

Crystalized Giant Squid Ink Centerpiece
Crystalized Giant Squid Ink Centerpiece Various Apothecary Styled Labels Glass Jar Centerpiece - Mermaid Infused Invisible Soap More Apothecary Styled Labels Giant Egg in a Jar Centerpiece - Fertalized Hippogriff Egg
Detail of Photo Booth setup including camera, monitor, and signage

Antique Photo Booth

Experience Painless Duplification!

Why rent a generic photo booth when you can make your own? This ended up being a smash hit.

I constructed our own photo booth styled to look like it was all created with antique elements. The actual camera was hidden inside an antique accordion style camera, the 'button' to activate it was an old telegraph key. The printer and all modern hardware were hidden inside vintage looking boxes and chests. Even the monitor (which was impossible to totally hide) was painted and styled with vacuum tubes and gears.

The entrance and backdrop were custom printed window blinds and a shower curtain.

We had lots of fun accessories available including steam punk goggles that I created as Clothed Eye. If you've been paying attention you will have noticed Clothed Eye branding throughout the elements.
Clothed Eye Logo

Photo booth entrance Varios photo booth signage Antique styled camera Rear view of the camera showing the actual digital camera Granny Irene Hamman having fun in the photo booth Groomsmen messing around in the photo booth
Accessories and signage at the bar
Headtable details including gear candle holders
Cupcake tower and tophat cake

lasting impact (and love)

The end result was an amazing time for everyone. It was fun to see people walking around looking at all the different centerpieces and details. Family and friends still comment to us what a great and memorable time they had. Maybe I have an alternate career as a wedding planner?

Why is there an Octopus near the gift table?

Octopus near the gift table.